Achievement Through Effort

Mauricio Calderon, International Baccalaureate (IB) teacher at the Liceo de San Carlos and the Liceo de Palmares, has been part of the IB program for many years. Graduated from the Liceo de Palmares in 2009, he is part of the first IB generation of public schools students in Costa Rica.

After two years of hard work and considering himself part of this amazing project, Mauricio successfully managed to obtain his diploma, which fueled his desire to carry on with his studies at the University of Costa Rica, where he obtained his Bachelor of Teaching in Social Studies and Civics and at the Universidad Estatal a Distancia-UNED, where he earned his Licenciatura degree.

Since then, Mauricio became an IB Diploma Program teacher, and is considered by his students not only an educator, but also a friend and counselor who assists them in this long and rewarding path that requires sacrifice and dedication. He is the living example of self-improvement, who makes it clear that anyone who really wants to succeed over the two years of the program can achieve it.

Mauricio shared some of his life aspirations and how he has managed to accomplish his personal goals.

Why did you choose the IB?

“I wanted something different and was motivated by the challenge, considering this was something new and unknown. I decided to go for it, after knowing it would bring great advantages and would generate great expectations in the community”.

What do you think of the IB Program?

“It’s a very good program; it presents an opportunity to people who want to make a difference. It’s also a tool with great potential, if students know how to take advantage of it. In addition, the IB provides a new academic training for young people to be ready for college or university, and provides a holistic education”.

Why did you choose education as your career?

“When I finished the IB Program I didn’t know what to study, but I always liked History. I decided to become a teacher because I believe it‘s a fundamental profession that would allow me to work with people to expand their knowledge. I also wanted to contribute my IB Program experience that is based on a different teaching and learning perspective.”

How did you end up being an IB teacher?

“When I was studying at the University I always had great interest in becoming an IB teacher and expected to have the opportunity to work with the program. When I graduated, I started working in other schools and, at the same time, I began the IB training process. In 2016, I had the opportunity to work at the Liceo Experimental Bilingüe de Palmares and Liceo San Carlos, as an IB educator”

How can you cope with two jobs?

“It demands much time and preparation; planning and time management are essential to perform a good job. The program is always changing and requires constant reading and research”

What do your students think about you?

“I/m very grateful for the warm welcome from the students. I identify myself with them as I went through the same experience and understand them in many ways. Students like the way my classes are developed, which fills me with great satisfaction and motivation to follow through with the work.”

Mauricio hopes to continue working with the program, as it has been a fundamental part of his life in recent years.

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