Rutas Naturabanas: Connecting People to the City Through Nature

Rutas Naturabanas: Connecting People to the City Through Nature

Connecting People to the City Through Nature

Help us create 25kms of shared-use paths (wheelchair accessible according to Costa Rican government standards) that enable people to walk, run, bike and roll along the riverbanks of the Torres and María Aguilar rivers and environmental remediation of the rivers and their ecosystems through reforestation and water sanitation.
Our proposal will benefit 600 thousand residents and close to 1 million users of the San José capital region of Costa Rica. Rutas Naturbanas will allow people to move in a safe & sustainable way to their places homes, work, education and for leisure, improving access and allowing for environmental protection and regeneration.
The first kilometer has been sponsored by H Solís, a Costa Rican construction company. Help us protect and preserve its nature and build 24 more kilometers!

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Project Description

Connecting people to the city

Fundación Rutas Naturbanas is a grass-roots, citizen-led, non-profit collaborative organization citizen-led by:


The organization is represents a cross-section entrepreneurs, community associations and foundations. It was developed with over 100 volunteers and involved key experts in many fields through a CoDesign session.

The project and the Foundation have been declared of National Public Interest (Executive Decree No. 39762-MOPT-MINAE- MCJ-S) by the Ministries of Public Works and Transportation, Environment, Culture, and Health. The decree allows and calls for the Foundation to expand its work to the same river basin in the Greater Metropolitan Area, providing the project with clear political leverage and direction to expand.



  • provide an additional 250,000 square meters of public space
  • generate urban eco-tourism opportunities close to US$113.6 million for businesses and communities
  • benefit 5 municipalities serving over 600,000 residents and close to 1 million users
  • save a month’s worth of salary for low-income families if at least one family member eliminated its transit fare costs every year
  • create US$27 million in fresh taxes and business permits for municipalities to improve the lives of its residents
  • educate communities for environmental vigilance and regeneration of rivers and their habitat
  • reduce the city’s carbon footprint
  • reduce road traffic fatalities by creating a safe path for walking and pedaling create a cultural shift towards active and healthy lifestyles through new mobility infrastructure

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Fish Tank, Training for Women, Training Materials


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