Ideas in Action/Duolingo

Empower students and young women through technology

Sponsor a young woman for a 12-week technology course to jumpstart her career as an engineer or developer (MenTE en Acción) or teach English through technology (Duolingo).

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Project Description

Ideas en Acción is a collaborative community with the mission of identifying, executing, and spreading high impact projects in the fields of innovation and social entrepreneurship in Costa Rica, which hold great potential of scalability and replicability. Thus, this organization ultimately seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of Costa Rica and the region.

TEDxPuraVidaJoven conference was the seed from where Ideas en Acción was born. Being an event that reaches over 20 000 people in Costa Rica, where thinkers and inspiring people are gathered with exceptional ideas to share and change our world, the organizers identified an opportunity to formally foster those ideas and transform them into real endeavours. This was the baseline of why the organization was created on 2013.

Focused on the future of work and the future of learning in the country through disruptive innovation, we pursuit three main lines of action to promote innovation and social development:
1. Design and implement scalable and replicable projects of high social impact for the country and the region.
2. Organize high impact events such as the TEDxPuraVidaJoven and hackathons.
3. Promote virtual and physical encounters between young people in our community in order to empower them for local action.

Currently, Ideas en Acción has two open projects, which are being developed with national and international partners, and that are intended to attend vulnerable populations: “Duolingo en Acción” and “MenTe en Acción” (Women in Technology).

We envision a world where sustainable development and well-being are achieved through collaborative innovation.

Our contribution goal is US $200.000 per year to fund these initiatives.


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