Asociación Mar a Mar


Rural Micro-enterprises

A catalyst for conservation and rural entrepreneurship – help build a trail to bring rural villages clients and provide them with tools to serve their clients.

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Project Description

Asociación Mar a Mar is a nonprofit association registered in Costa Rica with the aim to help rural villages develop new enterprises and improve existing ones by providing marketing and capacity building of services to hikers and most importantly by bringing them clients to use their services. Our vehicle for such aid is the development of a coast to coast trail, El Camino de Costa Rica. We aim to develop the historical, cultural dimensions of those small villages in addition to bringing to light the flora and fauna that exists there.

Our objective
Establish, mark and market a trail that would cross Costa Rica from the Atlantic to the Pacific taking a route through rural towns with the purpose of attracting a great many tourists from all parts of the world that would give an impetus to the development of new tourist businesses in these towns. This economic development would be culturally consistent, socially inclusive and always respectful to the environment.

Our team
Mar a Mar, with 23 Associates, including business leaders, tourism operators, local leaders and hikers, was established as a nonprofit association in Costa Rica in November of 2015 and has a strong volunteer Board representing varied expertise and a committed Executive Director. Six team leaders implement various aspects of the organization: Route Development; Community Engagement; Institutional Engagement; Communications and Public Relations; Fundraising; and Legal and Fiscal matters. With this disciplined and committed Board and volunteer team leaders, Mar a Mar has been able to accomplish a great deal in one year.



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