Nosara Food Bank

The Nosara Food Bank was founded in 2013 to provide food and other household necessities to families living in extreme poverty in the Nosara District. Food baskets are distributed monthly from the FUCAN Building in Nosara and contain enough rice and beans for each family member for one month, as well as flour, sugar, cooking oil, salt, pasta , cleaning products, and other items. Members of the Nosara Food Bank Board are active in local churches and clients throughout the District contact them in times of need. Clients are mostly elderly people, single mothers, and persons with disabilities. During the dry season when there is a lot of work the Nosara Food Bank feeds about 25-30 families. At the height of the rainy season the Nosara Food Bank assists 45 families. The Nosara Food Bank partners with the Banco de Alimentos de Costa Rica to procure food for a small administrative fee, and purchases additional food in bulk from Pali and other low-cost stores.

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Project Description

About the Food Bank

The Nosara Food Bank, created in 2013, was organized to provide food and other essentials for needy families in the Nosara area.  The Food Bank provides food for distribution by the Pastoral Social of the Catholic Church of Nosara by collecting donated food and household items at collection bins placed at local markets.  The Food Bank also accepts cash donations and conducts fundraising. While the level of poverty in the Nosara District has improved, there are 25-40 families in any given month who need this assistance.  The goal of the Nosara Food Bank is to provide sufficient support for food and necessities to meet these needs. Assistance from the Nosara Food Bank is only for emergency relief and where extreme poverty and hunger exist.

GCF supported the Nosara Food Bank to provide increased assistance to more families and to build up a cash reserve for the rainy season, when unemployment increases and need becomes quite widespread.  With outreach and fund raising, the organizers of Nosara Food Bank believe that the combination of awareness and involvement of local donors will lead to a sustainable program.


  • Average of 12 families fed per month
  • 4 bags of beans provided to families per month
  • 5 volunteers running the food bank

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Linda Tarlow

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