Proyecto Daniel

Proyecto Daniel

Proyecto Daniel

Helping adolescents and young adults smile and continue being young despite having a cancer diagnose.

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Project Description


Daniel Arce – Bobadilla a Costa Rican & USA citizen, was the inspiration for the creation of Proyecto Daniel. He was diagnose with cancer at age 15. When he was diagnosed he realize Costa Rican adolescents after age 13 were treated with and as adults in adult hospitals with no spaces for sick teenagers. He decided at age 15 that he would build a hospital for adolescents in Costa Rica; God had other plans and he passed away at age 19.

Proyecto Daniel was founded in 2010 by Daniel’s parents and it helps youngsters between ages 13-25 with any type of Cancer have a better quality of life.  During these seven years it has impact the lives of more than 1000 adolescents and young adults with cancer and their families.

Our Objective

 Proyecto Daniel knows that being diagnosed with cancer at any age is traumatic but is even more when you are an adolescent or young adult with may plans for the future. We also realize that the needs of this population are very different from the ones of children and adults.

Our main objective is that these youngsters live their illness in a different way, full of hope and determined to fight for their lives. They might have cancer but they like the same things that any healthy youngster likes. For Proyecto Daniel is very important to make them smile and positive during this process.

Major Achievements

  • Making visible the needs of adolescent and young adult cancer patients in Costa Rica
  • Proyecto Daniel’s Rooms in Hospital San Juan de Dios- 2012
  • Proyecto Daniel’s Rooms in Hospital Mexico -2013
  • Proyecto Daniel’s Rooms in Hospital Dr. Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia -2017
  • Helping this population being treat according to their age, were education and recreations are our most import pillars.


$ 25.00

You will help a new young cancer patient have a welcome kit, with personal hygiene products. This will make him feel someone cares and will give a sense of belonging to the Proyecto Daniel Family.


$ 50.00

You will help a family of 6 to have basic food for one week. Many families do not have even basic rice and beans.

$ 70.00

You will be sponsoring a young cancer patient or young cancer survivor attends a one-day conference called Connecting Smiles. In the conference he be empower and will receive information to help though the hard process of being young and having cancer. This will be Proyecto conference will take place on Aug. 25, 2018 at Hotel Corobici.

$ 150.00

You will be sponsoring one of our volunteers to be part of Proyecto Daniel’s Emotional Protection Program for one year. Our volunteers are very important since they are the ones who help our young cancer patients smile. They are young college students, who see many of our patients loose the battle against cancer and need emotional support.


$ 500.00

You will be helping a teenager or young adult who was amputated due to bone cancer walk again. Help a family buy a prosthetic leg, or give a youngster the opportunity to have an arm again.   The money giving by CCSS is not enough to buy prosthesis. The cost for a good prosthetic limb is about $ 14.000.00, this makes it very difficult for families to buy a prosthesis.


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