Conectándonos: Education Innovation

Education and technology to bridge the digital divide in rural communities

Provide mobile technologies and teacher training to promote digital and social inclusion

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Project Description

At the Quirós Tanzi Foundation, we believe that any educational project should provide comprehensive support its participants and provide the tools they need in order to take control of their learning process. Our approach seeks to create new generations of creative students with critical thinking skills who become protagonists of their own learning. This is essential in today’s Costa Rica, where many rural and underserved communities lack access to technology and the basic digital skills that are increasingly necessary for academic and professional advancement.

The MEP-FQT Conectándonos Project seeks to transform the Costa Rican educational system by making technology a partner in playful learning that boosts personal development and builds the skills of students, teachers, parents and communities. Pedagogical and technical support are critical to the success of the project. Read more on the Quirós Tanzi Foundation website.


Additional Information


Connectivity, One laptop per child/year, Pedagogical and technical support


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