World Oceans Day 2017

Donate to a fund supporting Costa Rica’s marine organizations

Contribuye a un fondo que dará apoyo a organizaciones trabajando en temas marinos en Costa Rica


Costa Rica’s territorial waters account for an area more than 10 times larger than the country’s land territory. While the forests of Costa Rica are known for their incredible biodiversity, the country’s oceans are also teeming with life.

Support these organizations that are working to ensure that Costa Rica’s marine resources are available to future generations.

El mar territorial de Costa Rica cuenta con un área 10 veces mayor al tamaño de su territorio.

Al igual que los bosques costarricenses son conocidos en el mundo por su increíble biodiversidad, sus mares se encuentran llenos de vida y belleza.

Apoye a estas organizaciones costarricenses que están trabajando en cuidar los recursos marinos del país para generaciones futuras.

Participating Organizations / Organizaciones Participantes

Organizations working in marine issues in Costa Rica that are interested in applying for inclusion in this campaign may contact for more information.

Organizaciones que trabajan en la protección de recursos marinos en Costa Rica, y que tienen interés en participar en la presente campaña, pueden contactar/aplicar a para mayor información.


ARCAE (Asociación Red Costarricense para el Ambiente y la Educación)

Improve the quality of life for Costa Rica’s rural, coastal residents through environmental conservation and sustainable economic development opportunities, and by bridging the gap that exists between urban and rural educational systems.

FECOP: Federación Costarricense de Pesca

The Voice of Sport Fishing
The Costa Rican Fishing Federation (FECOP) promotes sport fishing in Costa Rica through science and advocacy. FECOP is made up of organizations working to promote the sustainable use of the marine fishing resources in the country, especially billfish and other pelagic species. FECOP works to protect the oceans and promote education on fishing best practices.



Fundación Corcovado

We strive to increase the protection of wild areas and promote environmental education, sustainable tourism and community participation through the sustainable use of natural resources in the southern Pacific area of Costa Rica.

LAST (Latin American Sea Turtles Association)

Create environments where humans and sea turtles can live together in balance.



Misión Tiburón

Promote conservation and responsible use of marine resources, particularly of sharks, through the development of integrated projects of marine education and scientific research, especially in Costa Ricans coastal communities. In our effort, we hope to be firm and true to our ideals, always respecting the environmental and human welfare.


Promote the conservation and sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

• Creation of opportunities for discussion aimed at improving regulations and standards regarding human activities in the sea.
• Technical and scientific support to governments, communities, businesses and other decision makers for the formulation of policies and actions.
• Strengthening community participation in decision making.
• Support for Marine Protected Area (MPA) management and control.
• Raising awareness about marine issues. .
• Promoting economic systems that support the regulation of human activities at sea.



Fundacion Neotropica

The Fundación Neotrópica works to promote the just and equitable distribution of the benefits of conservation and sustainable development.

Fundación Neotripica’s programs include mangrove reforestation, which provides benefits to the climate, marine inhabitants, a local communities.